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Motorola Authorized Service - SAM

Serviço autorizado Motorola The Abix is an Authorized Motorola Service, for all professional radio communicators always using original Motorola products. Being SAM means having access to all the official repair documents, Motorola guarantees quality of service, exclusive access to Motorola courses and also access to the original composition as well as having equipment repaired under warranty at no cost to your business (except freight).

Motorola Gold Premium Reseller

Revenda premium ouro Motorola Abix is a Motorola Gold Premium Reseller, with full access to the complete Motorola radio portfolio, including all conventional analog and digital, as well as having their staff and consultants trained by Motorola. The conventional Motorola radios are designed to serve small and medium businesses.

Motorola's Distributor Systems

Distribuidor de sistemas Motorola Na área de rádios comunicadores a Abix trabalha somente com transceptores adquiridos através dos canais oficiais da Motorola no Brasil e pode fazer a locação de radios com ou sem licença de uso da Anatel tendo sido a primeira revenda premium Motorola autorizada pela Motorola a fazer a locação de radiocomunicadores já habilitados, ou seja, para a utilização, você não necessita entrar com processo de homologação de projeto técnico de rádios bi-direcionais na Anatel, e, se sua empresa já possui licença, locamos os equipamentos já programados em sua frequência. A Abix também faz projeto técnico para sua empresa frente a Anatel, estudos de cobertura, projetos de sistemas convencionais e trunking, venda e locação de toda a linha de radiocomunicadores Profissionais Motorola e acessórios. The Abix is a Motorola distributor for digital trunked systems for large companies. We rent, sell, and also produce project systems that can cover anything from a single site to a designed system to cover areas of hundreds of miles away. The TETRA and APCO-P25 systems were designed to provide communication in critical situations, where a communication failure can cause major accidents (petrochemical areas, mining, police, fireman, electric energy, railways, etc.) . Renting APCO-P25 radios is the solution for contractors in petrochemical areas. The Abix serves the whole nation wide including technical support.

Motorola Partner Solutions

Parceiro de soluções Motorola The Abix is certified to provide solutions to MOTOwi4 Motorola (which includes the Canopy, Backhaul and MOTOMESH) which can be integrated for wireless broadband at speeds of up 300Mpps and also several or even hundreds of kilometers away, with voice, video and data in real time. We have performed project services, testing coverage, deployment, leasing and the sales of these solutions. If your company has separate units in locations close to 100Km contact us for leasing or sales interconnected ethernet units.

CCTV - Monitoring Security Cameras

CFTV - Monitoramento por câmeras de segurança We develop customized solutions with equipments from: Pelco and Alson, products exclusively available to us to serve the South and Southeastern Brasil. We offer integrated solutions with the use of video intelligence making the production control for parking lots, private roads and public areas. The public monitoring (MOPU) is the same as in the past century occurred with the electric light, starting from the center to the districts by bringing more security to all. Security cameras have been used by companies of all sizes reduce internal and external theft, lowering the value of insurance and improving the sense of security of its employees. The Abix also rents CCTV systems, making easier to simplify procedures, maintenance and upgrading systems at malls, industries, events, and medium and large industries.

Streaming video, data and voice: integrating solutions

Transmissão de vídeo, dados e voz We also highlight our services for data transmission, to attend any need for interconnection, ranging from integration of local networks, head offices and branches, customers and suppliers to real-time monitoring of closed circuit television, management and operation mechanisms of automation industrial distance, with guaranteed availability and speeds that can overcome the house of gigabits.

Maintenance contracts

Contratos de manutenção The Abix provides maintenance services for all radio communicators, CCTV and data transmission simplifying your operation, leaving you free to deal with what really matters most in your company. It is very common to find that the system of surveillance camera installed may not work properly only when, due to any event, if you need images that were either not recorded or were recorded with insufficient quality. In a maintenance contract the prevention and corrective maintenance are quick, efficient and not generate additional costs or bureaucracy because there is no need for budgets, controls assurance and approval for extra expenses, making it easier for company to be fully operating.

The Abix Software

The high quality level of our services is only possible through the Sisabix system, a management system developed ?in-house? that controls all operations of the company allowing all information to be reached including past maintenance, individual items, purchase dates, past contracts etc.


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