Abix Technology - Curitiba


Al. Augusto Stellfeld, 1175
Centro - Curitiba - PR
CEP: 80430-140
Fone: (41) 3022-0500
Fax: (41) 3022-0501
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Very well localized in noble region close to the curitiba center, the Abix Technology operate in it's own headquarter since 1999 serving the largest companies in state.

Abix Technology - Porto Alegre

Porto Alegre

Rua: Dom Pedro II, 1220
Higienópolis - Porto Alegre - RS
CEP: 90550-143
Fone: (51) 3022-5151
Fax: (51) 3061-8484
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Localized in strategic region close to the airport and main exits of Porto Alegre, the Abix serves customers in the whole state of Rio Grande do Sul with the best services in leasing and sales of radios, radios for data transmission and CCTV equipment. The leasing of CCTV equipments is an interesting solution to your company to be sure that the images will be available when you need.

Abix Technology - Canoas


Rua Domingos Martins, 111 - SL 504
Centro - Canoas - RS
Condomínio Comercial Santa Mônica
CEP: 92010-170
Fone: (41) 3022-0500
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Abix Technology - Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Av. das Américas, 700
Barra da Tijuca - Rio de Janeiro - RJ
CEP: 22640-100
Fone: (21) 3504-4050
Fax: (21) 3504-4051
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From it's unit at Barra da Tijuca the Abix serves the customers in the whole city of Rio de Janeiro. With easy parking, the Abix is localized in the neighborhood which most grow in the city.

Abix Technology - Niterói


Rua São Sebastião 18, 12º andar, sala 1201
Ingá - Niteroi - RJ
CEP: 24210-110
Fone: (21) 3504-4000
Fax: (21) 3504-4001
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Localized between Rio-Niterói Brigde and the station barges which leads from the center of Rio de Janeiro to the rapid access of customers in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Duque de Caxias, Itaboraí, mountain region and lakes region. The Abix serves companies in the whole state of Rio de Janeiro and was the company which most grown in Brazil with Motorola radio communicator in 2008.

Abix Technology - São Paulo

São Paulo

Av Dr Luis Rocha Miranda, 159 sala 72
Parque Jabaquara - São Paulo - SP
CEP: 04344-010
Fone: (11) 2388-0088
Fax: (11) 2388-0088
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Abix Tecnologia - Macaé


Av Carlos Augusto Tinoco Garcia, 2060 Sl 309
Riviera Fluminense - Macaé - RJ
CEP: 27937-590
Fone: (22) 3518-0002
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Abix Tecnologia - Barra da Tijuca

Barra da Tijuca

Av. Evandro Lins e Silva, 840 sl. 909
Barra da Tijuca – Rio de Janeiro/RJ
CEP: 22631-470
Fone: (21) 3504-4050
Fax: (21) 3504-4051
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Curitiba    Telefone    (41) 3022-0500
São Paulo    Telefone    (11) 2388-0088
Niterói    Telefone    (21) 3504-4000
Macaé    Telefone    (22) 3518-0002
Porto Alegre    Telefone    (51) 3103-6291
Uberlândia    Telefone    (34) 3304-5494
Canoas    Telefone    (51) 3103-6291


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