The Abix Technology does the leasing of equipments by the period of one day to many years, according to the need of your company.

We operate in leasing of professional radio communicator's systems, with portable radios including Intrínsecamente Seguros, mobile stations, fixed stations, repeater and many acessories such as remote headphones, spare batery, recorder devices and others. We supply the equipments with use license issued by Anatel for systems with portable and mobile radios, and valid at the moment of the delivery, avoiding the costs and timelines for approval of a new license.

We also operate with locação de sistemas de transmissão de dados e CCTV (Security cameras)

where your company will have all the current equipments and image of quality and with systems maintained in perfect maintenance condition. We also does the leasing of security systems with remote record of images.

We have a vast experience in large events, industry, security companies, builders, contractors, petrochemical and government agencies.


Curitiba    Telefone    (41) 3022-0500
São Paulo    Telefone    (11) 2388-0088
Niterói    Telefone    (21) 3504-4000
Macaé    Telefone    (22) 3518-0002
Porto Alegre    Telefone    (51) 3103-6291
Barra da Tijuca    Telefone    (21) 3504-4050


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