CCTV - Closed Circuit of Television

The Abix is specialized on projects, leasing and sales of systems for monitoring by security cameras (CCTV - Closed Circuit Television) developing customs solutions with Pelco products and Alson, exclusively for the southern and southeastern Brazil. The monitorpublic monitoring is the same as in the past century occurred with the electricity, starting from the central regions of cities to the suburbs by bringing more security to all people. Analog security cameras, DVR, NVR and IP cameras have been used in cities and businesses of all sizes by reducing internal and external theft, lowering the value of insurance and improving sense of safety.

Leasing of CCTV systems

The CCTV leasing systems is an interesting solution that ensures that the equipment will always be well-adjusted and fully operating even with the option of remote recording. Check today how well the images of your camera system are and request a visit so we can assess what can be improved through a leasing contract.

CCTV Project Systems

Currently there”s a market for all kinds of products, from extremely simple and inexpensive to advanced Intelligence video solutions, operating in areas as diverse as quality control of manufacturing processes, and facial recognition found in airports. A good project can decide the best for each case, saving money and giving useful solutions for your business.

Meet our products:

Pelco Alson


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