Data Transmission

The Abix Technology is specialized in wireless data transmissions, and it was recognized at an international event held in Chicago, by the MDS radios manufacturer for it”s role in a communications project for América Latina Logistica. The GE-MDS products are used in various situations of industrial process control for water, power, gas and oil companies.

Motorola's Partner Solutions

The Abix is also certified to provide solutions from Motorola”s MOTOwi4 portfolio with which you can integrate solutions for wireless broadband at speeds of up 300Mpps and also several tens or even hundreds of kilometers with voice, video and data in real time. We have performed service projects, testing coverage, deployment, leasing, and sales of these technologies. If your company has separate units in locations close to 100Km, contact us for rental or sales of Ethernet interconnecting equipment.

Streaming video, data and voice integration solutions

We also highlight our services for data transmission, to attend any need for interconnection, ranging from integration of local networks, headquarters and branches. Customers and suppliers to real-time monitoring of closed circuit television, management and operation mechanisms of automation industrial distance, with guaranteed availability and speeds that can achieve gigabit speeds.

Data transmission

P2P (Ponto a Ponto)

P2P (Point to Point)

PMP (Ponto a Multiponto)

PMP (Point to Multipoint)






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