Focused on treatment service for businesses (B2B) the Abix has top level radio technology for voice communication, datas and CCTV systems. We have the whole line of professional radios and Motorola data radios, radios for data transmission GE-MDS and equipaments CCTV of Pelco and Alson.

Our main services are:

Maintenance contracts of CCTV systems

Contratos de manutenção de sistemas de CFTV

Motorola Authorised Service

Serviço Autorizado Motorola SAM


Curitiba    Telefone    (41) 3022-0500
São Paulo    Telefone    (11) 2388-0088
Niterói    Telefone    (21) 3504-4000
Macaé    Telefone    (22) 3518-0002
Porto Alegre    Telefone    (51) 3103-6291
Canoas    Telefone    (41) 3022-0500
Barra da Tijuca    Telefone    (21) 3504-4050


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